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Why the Right Price Matters

If you are a current homeowner that's considering selling your house then please consider the following:

  1. Most sellers find themselves pricing their home based on their personal financial needs rather than the actual market value of their home. Taking this approach will probably cost you time, money and aggravation. Homes that are Priced Right Sell Faster because the buyer perceives them as value driven properties.

  2. Price your home so it stands out from the competition. This type of pricing strategy works and will get you to market value much quicker than overpricing it will, however this strategy may not be for every seller.

  3. Interview at least 3 real estate professionals before making your decision on which agent and company you feel the most comfortable with to manage the sale of your home. Most emphasis should be placed on price positioning, a detailed marketing strategy/plan specific to your home, weekly property showing reports and customer follow up.

There is but one set of comparable data that real estate agents will base their Comparable Market Analysis on. If your decision is based on facts of record and not what you want to hear but rather what you need to know, you've made the right decision and your home will sell quicker and at or near market value.